1. Never has the valley of ignorance looked so tempting…

  2. Bonky

    Immoral slattern !

  3. Ooh, boobs…nice, a little saggy, kind of asymmetrical, looks like some stretch marks, but nicely sizedOhGodItsJennyMcCarthy!

    I know it’s not rational, but I just imagine her boobs as a patient zero type disease vector.

  4. She is wearing her lab coat – probably on her way to curing another medical condition.

  5. EricLR

    My tits caused a polio epidemic!

  6. I like the talent evaluator over her right shoulder. It says “rack” which is pretty much on point.

  7. Never did I think a blonde, former playboy model and dating game co-host could deliver anything but the most well thought out and researched findings on child medicine, but here I am. I man willing to admit his mistake.

    I have now reached Sarcasm level 9000. I can retire now.

  8. Dr. Jones


  9. Barbarella

    The face lift is fantastic, now how about a boob lift?

  10. “I kill children!”

  11. shes a single mom who cares! single moms are worthless whores for fucking and dumping before meeting that fresh 18 year old

  12. Little Tongue

    Hey! People! DON’T CLICK ON “VIEW FULL SIZE”! It hurts. It really, really does…

  13. Mike

    I never hated this woman. I know women aren’t supposed to be funny, but she was capable of being unique with it.

  14. Pee wee Herman

    Wonk tits

  15. cc

    Her son’s life will be defined by the word ‘cringe-worthy’.

  16. amir

    The breasts are the ONLY thing remotely interesting about her…

  17. Is it a coincidence that “rack” is on the wall?

  18. Looks like old lefty has been over motorboated.

  19. uhhhhhhhhheEEEeeeEerrrRUMMadah…….


    Looks too much like grandma in that pic. Let the hair down and we’ll talk.

  20. Jade

    And she’s officially used up.

  21. gary coleman's ghost

    What’s up with his lips?

  22. “This new vaccine for extended breast firmness is a godsend for older actresses- Oh sorry, Jenny.”

  23. lawn

    Pity they aren’t brains.

  24. If only other mass murderers of children had huge tits to distract people from their atrocities.

  25. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Photoshop, etc., will never get the batshit crazy out of her eyes. She’s completely demented, and an evil influence.

    Suddenly, I find her attractive again, fake tits and – maybe not “all”.

  26. Lily

    wow, does aging suck! I can see the ripples on her implants

  27. heey

    she looks like Serial Mom

  28. Fappuccino

    useless old bitch

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