1. Crissy

    The 80′s called to say: “fuck you for trying and horribly failing”….

  2. Mitt Romney

    I’m pretty sure her face is 100% rubber.

  3. Canon

    That is a dude.

  4. lily


  5. tlmck

    They like their fish and chips well done over there.

  6. Ooh, high class hooker. She has the oversized, sparkled out clutch to prove it!

  7. Three e’s, Chelsee, really?

  8. Ass Wort

    At a quick glance, I thought it was Jwoww with a Pauly d tan

  9. Lovely young woman whom, I believe, I would like to take a stab at impregnating. Lucky for her I’m old and sterile.

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