1. Johnny P!

    Looks as convincing as Diana as Lohan does as Taylor and Douglas as Liberace.

    • Cock Dr

      To compare the talented Ms Watts to trainwreck Lohan is a terrible insult.
      I will render final judgement on the project when the Netflix disk arrives.

      • Johnny P!

        No question about it, Penis MD, there’s NO comparison between the Lady and the Tramp… just pointing out that there seems to be a rash of bio-pics out there that rely solely on hairstyles/wigs and no physical resemblance to the (real-life) person they’re playing.

      • Y’know, Johnny, there’s not going to be a top-flight actor who’s a dead ringer for each and every celebrity and historical figure for whom they make a biopic. And in the biopics of the past, like Mata Hari or The Lou Gehrig Story, Gary Cooper didn’t look like Lou Gehrig any more than Greta Garbo looked like Mata Hari, who was actually kinda homely.

        So you have to use your imagination a little. Would you rather that every TV and movie production dumbed it down and spoon-fed it all to you?

      • kimmykimkim

        But, TomFrank, Naomi Watts isn’t as beautiful as Diana was. Meh, whatever, I’ll never watch it anyway.

      • Snack pack

        But casting Naomi Watts doesn’t show much imagination. What if they cast Naomi Campbell instead? And let her go FULL Naomi Campbell. Just put her in a blonde wig and let her freestyle. I’d pay to see that!

      • lily

        agreed naomi watts is a great actress and she actually looks quite convincing here

      • I like Naomi Watts just fine, but she claims to be 5’4″ while Diana was 5’10″. Additionally, Naomi Watts is 43 years old (and looks it) while Princess Di was 36 and looked stupendous. Bad casting, IMHO.

        What the fuck am I saying? I’m not HUMBLE!

  2. it had to be said

    Watch out for the tunnel supports!

    Too late.

  3. Crissy


  4. cc

    More snout required.

  5. Is this pre- or post- car accident?

  6. The Pope

    Hey, Kirsten Dunst got her teeth fixed!

  7. Holy shit, I didn’t recognise her. She really does look like Diana.

  8. The thumbnail had the right idea, just a snippet of Diana.

  9. When did the People’s Princess do a spot on Coronation Street?

  10. kimmykimkim

    Um, no. Absolutely not. This is not even close to Diana.

  11. Looks more like Diane from Cheers than Lady Diana.

  12. journalschism

    She makes a good Bonnie Franklin. ‘One Day At A Time’ reboot, anyone?

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