1. Ladies pay attention: This is what happens when you play horsie with Chris Brown…

  2. Taffy

    She’s like a bad decision super weapon.

  3. it had to be said

    She’s like an assless game of Twister.

  4. Johnny P!

    I’m laughing at her back.
    Wonder what’s even funnier on her front that’s making that woman laugh…

  5. Crissy

    It has got to be bad when men looks away and women laugh at you!

  6. This is a real life version of the dream of wearing bad/ripped clothing in high school, or more appropriately, this is a real life version of a scene from every 1980′s movie ever made.

  7. Jman

    How could you miss a donkey punch twice?

  8. Cock Dr

    Those are “cupping” marks?
    Why would she want everyone to see that? Isn’t that a weird Gwen Paltrow type affectation?

  9. EricLr

    Left is Hep B, right is Hep C.

  10. Sheppy


  11. Never let Peter Dinlage give you a back massage.

  12. Earlier that morning: “Where’s the one with the cut-out triangles in the back? No, not the cut-out circles. I wore that yesterday!”

  13. lori

    Are those giant moles on her back?

  14. tlmck

    I’ll bet the thong underneath does complete the smiley face.

  15. Shawn

    The newest fad in fashion: exposed kidneys.

  16. You can see where I rested my beer and ashtray.

  17. Colin

    Going for the kidney’s is only a good choice when the target ISN’T a whore.

  18. kimmykimkim

    Thank you for not showing us the face.

  19. EricHarris

    Her body looks nice, except for those weird circles on her back. Enough with the whole curvy crap. Skinny, thin chicks are hot.

  20. AnnaLynne McCord in my home town. Wish I was still living there…

  21. rantatonne

    Was she the girl in the Crash Test Dummies video?

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