1. abc123

    well, I guess if you have to rip one in public, this is definitely a way to do it.

  2. Johnny P!

    Nice to see the Tom Cruise line of footwear has one celebrity client…

  3. Crissy

    I love when old people try to show you “that they still got it”…

  4. cc

    Nut compression is never funny. He should know better after all these years.

  5. Raoul

    Expandables 2.

  6. As this picture was taken, a mighty “CRACK!” was heard as he breaks his hip.

  7. DeucePickle

    Larry King is fucking flexible !

  8. LadyLynna

    High-kicking for the camera: Duck lips for men.

  9. Contusion

    You just know the photographers are sitting there, waiting to say “Hey Jean Claude, give us one of your signature karate kicks!”

  10. Once Jean Claude was a bad-ass Belgium martial arts expert — now he just looks like a jewish accountant who does yoga.

  11. Do he color each individual hair with a Sharpie or does he just cram his head in a vat of ink?

  12. sprub

    Move : I fart in your general direction (while protecting ze people on my left)

  13. Sheppy

    Dude aged.

  14. Eustace Haney

    Assume the ass – fuck position !

  15. Your move Travolta.

  16. Expendables 2 looks badass.

  17. He kinda looks like Stallone if Stallone was really old. Wait a minute…

  18. Buddy The Elf

    Celebrity Death Match:
    Van Damme Old vs. Weston Cage. In the street.

  19. Jon

    “I stepped on a bug! Is it still there? Is it? Ewww…I’m gonna throw up! GET IT OFF!!!”

  20. That’s some serious ballet, man.

  21. Shawn

    I can see his cameltoe.

  22. kimmykimkim

    “Quick! Give me a lighter!”

  23. Bionic_Crouton

    The premiere was yesterday. Jean-Claude threw out his back and no one bothered to get him medical attention.

  24. Carolyn

    Quit acting like you guys wouldn’t be doing the same if you could do whatever it is he’s doing.

  25. “Een tap dancing ve call dis de buck und ving.”

  26. He is doing the ancient, mysterious Kara Te move “Urine Falls On Fire Hydrant.”

  27. And if I hold my foot out WAY over there, then I can finally read the brand name.

  28. And if I hold my shoe out WAY over there, then I can finally read the brand name. (Sorry, I had some pronoun confusion on the previous one!)

  29. the crazy betty


  30. Jean Claude Van Damme… proving he still doesn’t have balls.

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