1. HOLY FUCK – I think this is an improvement for the old fella.

  2. Taffy

    The party don’t start until Hef’s dress drops!

  3. abc123


  4. bodyform

    First time I see Hef without his pyjama… but as I can compare now, I prefer his good old bathrobe-style

  5. Johnny P!

    Out of frame: A naked, wrinkled old knobsack posing as ‘Marilyn Monroe”.

  6. Animal

    I always figured Hef would have a nice rack.

  7. it had to be said

    Hey Hef, wanna make a dime the hard way?

  8. Mitt Romney


  9. bigalkie

    Anderson Cooper dolled up.

  10. Contusion

    Must have gotten the caption wrong…that’s clearly Kendra.

  11. Don’t be ridiculous. That’s clearly Larry King.

  12. Sheppy

    Does anyone else’s eyes sting?

  13. Jack Ketch

    Y’all know who this is, right ? More importantly, you realized “she” used to be a man, right ?

  14. Who dug up Anna Nicole?

  15. Buddy The Elf

    Holly Shit – Hef is banging Jessica Rabbit now?!

  16. Kitty

    Hahah is that not a burlesque performer, frick for the life of me i can’t recall her name!!!!!!!! But she’s famous.

  17. Kitty

    Amanda Lapore that’s her name.

  18. I’m so concerned about those gloves! Not in style this season, hef!

  19. kimmykimkim

    I have no words.

  20. Lord Invader

    So Hef finally decided to redeem all of those plastic surgeon punch cards before checking out for good.

  21. CranAppleSnapple

    She has queen bee thorax! That’s an alien right there. I should have paid closer attention to MST3K, but I’m pretty sure we’re all dead.

  22. Carolyn

    Imagine waking up and being this person. I’d claw my own face off.

  23. I hope he at least got to eat his candy lips afterwords.

  24. So does this mean Amanda Lepore showed up to the event in a bathrobe?

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