1. You have to give him credit. He FINALLY took a photo where he doesn’t look like a monster!

  2. Jokely Carmichael


  3. TP for my bunghole!!!!!

  4. In a bizarre twist, Daniel Radcliffe was elected mayor of New York…

  5. Why can’t he take one picture where he looks like a normal person anymore?

  6. He always looks like he knows some inside joke – like upper-decking the toilets of wherever he is leaving.

  7. That chick seems to be casting a spell of Fellatius Wishfullius with her tongue.



  9. malaka

    the first step is to admit that you have a problem

  10. whatever

    she looks hungry, and he looks scared

  11. Remember kids: If Daniel emerges from his hidey-hole in the Noel Coward Theatre and sees his shadow, it’s six more weeks until some genius in Hollywood decides to “reboot” the Potter franchise!

  12. cc

    Looks determined. I suspect he’s going to go thrash some 12 year olds at soccer, er, football.

  13. EricLR

    I’m off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Meth! I hear he is a wonderful wi…OH GOD GET THESE FUCKING BUGS OFF ME!!!

  14. The ever present gray gym bag.

  15. He looks like he’s clenching the Golden Snitch in his butt cheeks.

  16. Chilly Willy

    “That girl over there looks like a female version of Crabbe” – Radcliffe
    “That guy over there looks like he’s got crabs” – Girl Behind Him

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