1. Pickle Nose

    Still would. Even when they try to make her look bad, she’s still hot.

  2. YadaYada

    Yeah, pretty much impossible to make her un-boneable. Nice try, though.

  3. Took me about 2 hours to realize she had a face… And it had short-circuited.

  4. I winked back, but not sure if that was what she was doing.

  5. “Must have got jiz in her eye,” said my crude uncle.

  6. catapostrophe

    “Sorry–I had to say hi to somebody.”

  7. CK

    “Planking”, “Twerking”, “Gapping”… is “Wonking” the next stupid-girl trend?

  8. She must’ve peeped Chris Brown’s phone.

  9. “And now if I close my right eye, my right boob will go up!”

  10. Jesus woman! Stop with the eyes already! I’m married!

  11. Joe Blow

    “I thought he was joking when he said “Swallow, or it’s going in your eye.”. Imagine my surprise.”

  12. richie

    impossible to make her unattractive.

  13. I’m strong to the finach, ’cause I eats me Spinach, I’m Krupa the real housewife! *toot toot*

  14. Hah, that happened to an ex girlfriend once. She never let me pearl necklace again.

  15. Why do the words “trouser snake” keep popping into my head?

  16. That’s a good Paris Hilton impression.

  17. Hmm. I’ll take what’s behind curtain Number 1, Chet!

  18. The hottest stroke victim I have ever seen.

  19. Bravo indeed.

  20. Excuse me ma’am, you might still have a little jizz left in your eye, no, not that one, the left one. There you go, got it.

  21. Neal

    When I said I wanted Joanna Krupa to give me a stroke this is not what I had in mind at all

  22. tlmck

    Orgasm on command?

  23. Simoniz

    My eyes are up here.

  24. PathosAvenger

    She makes a good Angry Pirate.

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