1. Still a badass…

  2. Jokely Carmichael

    Photo Boy needs smacked for that caption.

  3. Show some respect to the legend. He’s great in everything he does. His voice is commanding. I love his portrayal of Saruman. He was the perfect compliment to Ian McKellen’s Gandalf.

  4. We have at least one thing in common. We both know pussy is golden!

  5. He does not look long for this world.

  6. sweet doghorse trophy, dude. explain that shit, tara reid.

  7. And he just released a heavy metal album

  8. malaka

    man.. tommy chong isn’t looking so good…

  9. malaka

    “its the first annual montgomery burns award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence!!”

  10. oldfool

    When his fangs fell out he couldn’t drink blood anymore.

  11. Who the fuck decided the best representation of excellence was an excited lion with microcephaly?

  12. EricLR

    Still would.

  13. He ain’t holding it for very fucking long.

  14. oops

    I don’t always win awards, but when I do, they come in the shape of a pussy.

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