1. “Watch this mate, I kick right here and her transporter’s battery shuts off…
    Like shooting fish in a barrel as you yanks say it…”

  2. The orgasm he achieved when he saw this buckled his knees and he almost fell over. He had to lean Joe Lieberman for a while there.

  3. This strangely looks like that haunted carnival ride that has the disfigured skeleton that follows you out of the exit

  4. CptCreep

    When he said he would think of anyone else but Katy Perry during sex, I had no idea how low he was looking…

  5. caley

    And he brought Rebel Wilson with him!

  6. malaka

    poor michael bloomberg got caught in the friend zone…

  7. Honey Big Boobs

    Hey, what can you say? Ass is ass.

  8. cc

    Okay…who is the zombie on the left with the feral hog print dress, gladiator sandals, and denim jacket? His sister?

  9. “Pardon me miss, are you really handicapped or just obese and a bit lazy?”

    “I’m crippled from the waist down”

    “Right. Lube me up, Dana Carvey’s dad.”

  10. Even though she was surrounded by squaller and getting sexually propositioned by Russell Brand,Gladys suddenly realized that this wasn’t Walmart.

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