1. I didn’t know Lindsay had a brother.

  2. CK

    “Less clothes… then people will take notice of me!”

  3. Tiggles

    Lose some weight fatty! When they say ‘runway modeling’ they don’t mean a runway for jumbo jets!

  4. This is the first time I’ve seen a resemblance between her and Lindsay/Dina.

  5. she’s always a few steps behind Lindsay. Lindsay is in Disney movies, Ali is in direct to DVD shit. Lindsay has a platinum record, Ali has a Christmas album. Lindsay is a high class call girl, Ali is a street hooker.

  6. Odbarc

    The least fucked-up Lohan leaving her half way home to fetch her sister some coke.

  7. And for just $1 a day, you can help this poor, starving child get a meal.

  8. It’s like Lindsay and Samantha Ronson melted into one person.

  9. EricLR

    Will fame-whore for pants.

  10. Jack Ketch

    Do NOT tell me this kid hasn’t got cheek implants.

  11. How did she escape the sex slave ring I mean job her mum got her?

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