1. Pickle Nose

    Is she wearing a latex mask? Serious question. Looks like Jason Voorhees.

  2. Her age is showing in her face. Still would. That’s what doggie style is for.

  3. Batu Khan

    Either she’s the villain in the next Austin Powers movie or this is a really bad photo.

  4. Oh, *Helen* Hunt. I thought it was Linda.

  5. jep

    Cool… it’s Skeletor’s mom!

  6. Odbarc

    Ryan Reynolds’ replacement for the Deadpool movie. A real life Wade Wilson!

  7. guy

    What has been seen can not be unseen. Oh god, I am sure to have nightmares tonight. Her face reminds me of the alien from alien resurrection….

  8. Bridgit Mendler’s grandma?

  9. Skeletor surfs now?

  10. whatever

    how old is she? 80?

  11. George Clooney

    That shit did not age well….and damn, grandma has an “eight head”. That’s like a forehead…it’s just twice the size.

    You can’t all age like fine wine like me my babies. Okay, got to go run…to bang your daughter…and granddaughter.


  12. Honey Big Boobs

    I bet she gets a dollar for every Scream mask sold.

  13. …i gotta say; george plimpton has a rockin’ body…

  14. I think it was supposed to read ” on the set of the walking dead”

  15. EricLR

    Must get to rejuvenation chamber NOW!

  16. cc

    Hugh? Hugh Crony?

  17. gooch

    Two Christopher Lee pics in one post?

  18. Yesterday’s photo was all funhouse mirrors.

  19. Fuck that’s terrifying.

  20. I’m not sure which is worse – the decision to put her in a movie, or the decision to put her in a wetsuit.

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