1. Pickle Nose

    Looks kinda average when she’s not posting filtered soft-porn photos on instagram.

  2. The “Walk of shame” is an unforgiving event that sometimes leads its walkers to use bed sheets as clothes..”

  3. Not cute. Please stop.

  4. That dress is awful. Take it off now!

  5. Seriously, what look was she going for here? Looks like she tried to combine the flak jackets from “Naruto” with a curtain.

  6. It looks like a commercial for the magic of Instagram.

  7. Somebody… anybody…. tell me you haven’t seen better in any local mall.

  8. She didn’t Instragram this? And where’s Trout Stream?

  9. caley

    This is more Lena Dunham than Kim Basinger.

  10. A trout fishing vest, I presume.

  11. ah, the easy access “fuck me in the bathroom” skirt.

  12. Somewhere there’s a table at a restaurant missing its tablecloth.

  13. CK

    I work with a 48 yr old mother of three who is easily 10 times hotter than this chick.

  14. She reminds me of a coworker I had at Starbucks. Totally plain looking but conceited, obnoxious and always looking for attention.

  15. whatever

    looks like she walked right off the beach into the city, and forgot her clothes, swiped a table cloth from some restaurant and a smelly hobo’s vest from under some cardboard on the street, nice

  16. She is losing her attractiveness at an alarming rate.

  17. dfSDZvdfv

    Her face is a 4/10 at best…and her body is fairly average for someone her age…yet she somehow has the idea that she is attractive….and she is trying to sell it so hard that I expect her to get arrested for soliciting fairly soon. She is hurtling toward a wall.

    Back under your rock troll face. If you want to be a celebrity, I recommend a career in radio.

  18. tlmck

    Hiding a baby bump?

  19. cc

    I don’t know how to fold a fitted sheet either, but usually I just throw it on the floor.

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