1. I don’t care what the cleavage sensor tells me, there’s at least one dude in this picture.

  2. Pickle Nose

    I’ve got a huge thing for Julianne. Added benefit: she’s Mormon and she dated Ryan Seacrest for a few years, so there’s a good chance she’s still got her v-card.

  3. Diablo got implants?

  4. “Braaaaaap!”
    “Omigod that’s so sweet!”

  5. The one on the left is pulling off a not-to-convincing drag, the one on the right is orange.

    Ah, what am I, picky? I’d do either.

  6. The Pope

    And the winner of the Jennifer Aniston lookalike contest is…

  7. kushiro

    Cody: “I’m a big overrated hipster phony!”
    Hough: “And I’m a bland plastic facsimile of a person!”

  8. cc

    ‘Men love me because of my ass’
    ‘Men love me because of my wit and charm’
    ‘No they don’t, honey.’

  9. When vapid, mediocre worlds collide.

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