1. Pickle Nose

    Jesus, my wife watches this show. What does Hulk Hogan possibly have to say that the Today Show viewership would care about?

  2. Sadly, the Hulk was actually trying to put his shirt on.

  3. I wish it was Brooke doing the shirt tearing right now.

  4. It’s a metaphor for how Al Roker feels when he takes a dump.

  5. Awe…they woke up Al.

  6. malaka

    there goes a REAL american

  7. The all-new Hogan EZ-Rip shirts, for those moments when your steroid-fuelled rages are interrupted by osteoporosis and fears of incontinence.

  8. …hogan is 60 …if christopher lee had any balls he’d get on the juice too, instead of sittin’ around lookin’ like fuckin’ David Lo Pan.

  9. Not pictured: Heather Clem spreading her legs.

  10. Come on Willie, lets rip off our shirts! Then I’m taking Natalie back and show her my little Hulk.

  11. Directly after this he bent Roker over and gave him the full might of his coffee thermos sized dick.

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