1. JC

    “What’s that, you’ve got a sharp pain in your side, sweetie? No, you don’t need to see a doctor–nothing bad ever happens to my boyfriends.”

  2. JimBB

    Is she teaching him how to operate a door handle?

  3. They’re both fascinated by shiny reflections.

  4. Actual Call:
    “Suicide Hotline? Yes I know somebody who is about to kill themselves.”

    “No, no it’s isn’t me, it’s the guy Lea Michelle is dating.”
    “Fine, but when he turns up dead four months I’m calling back to say I told you so.”

  5. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    “Sit, Ubu. Sit!”

  6. “Do you want me to kick his ass?”
    “No baby, That’s your reflection.”

  7. Bet she drives this one to suicide, too.

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