1. Kristen prefers he keeps the helmet on. We all do.

  2. That table reeks of B.O. and self-importance.

  3. cajunhawk

    Hello? Career? Are you in there? It’s Dax again.

  4. JimBB

    How could a guy who was so funny in Idiocracy be so annoying at everything else?

  5. sitsdeep

    He is looking for dandruff, lice….or is that the most recent magic eight ball and he is looking for his future?

  6. Are helmet pongs a thing now? Are they about to be? Did I just trigger the trend byt typing “helmet pongs”?

  7. CtF

    He’s checking to see if his reflection is still Zach Braff.

  8. Blob

    You liar… ain’t no fucker in here at all!

  9. martina

    Seriously? He’s named after a picture frame?

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