1. dontkillthemessenger

    Why didn’t you tell me about these “condom” things before?

  2. ‘What, you’ve never seen a chick ruin her body for a 36 year old who acts like a 12 year old in the body of a 17 year old?’

  3. Such potential, what a waste.

  4. That little marquee shit is her engagement ring? That?

  5. Ronaldo

    I agree with the comments here……she is ruined.

  6. cajunhawk

    You cannot remove Kutcher stink…ask Demi Moore.

  7. Odbarc

    Even pregnant I think she looks good.
    Whatshername Fugster Aguleria does not.

  8. JimBB

    Yeah sweetie, that was my exact same reaction when I heard you were dating Ashton Kutcher.

  9. George P Burdell

    WTF, Ashton! If you are going to drive me to the doctor, you need to let me get in the car.

  10. She once again got her vision mixed and realized that she was dating Ashton Kutcher, but this time it’s too late.

  11. JW

    “Duck butter? Are you fucking kidding me?”

  12. Not even dark sunglasses can cover up the bitchface.

  13. She looks like she’s about to whoop somebody’s ass.

  14. Buddy, those trees ain’t gonna cut themselves down.

  15. who would have thought a little douchebag sperm could so ruin a promising career.

  16. Makes me sad in my pants.

  17. Jentilly

    Oh please, like all celeb moms she’ll have her tight little body back in a matter of weeks, only difference is she’ll have bigger boobs from nursing, so stop your bitching

  18. Dox

    All I can hear in my head is…

    “Yo dawg, I heard you liked pregnant chicks.”

  19. “I can’t believe I let success slip right through my fingers.”

  20. Bring me Solo and the Wookie!

  21. Dildo Baggins

    Fat, Bitchy and Pregnant YUUUUUUCK

  22. I hope the paps keep harassing the fuck out of them. –Yeah, you bitch.

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