1. Ironic name for a movie with them.

  2. Guess which one will eventually get liver cancer.

  3. “Wanna see a neat trick with Sly’s skin? Someone get me a newspaper.”

  4. I keep forgetting that this movie isn’t out yet, and wondering why they’re releasing reviews and doing interviews and attending a premier. Hasn’t everyone already seen this flick two weeks ago? I know I’m not the only one of questionable moral fiber around here.

  5. Marketing Mike

    Since Antonio and Wesley are both 5’9″
    and Sly is barely 5’5″ (I’m not kidding)
    Somebody in this picture is wearing lifts,
    or standing on a box.

  6. Ha ha! Sly has bingo wings!

  7. Sly looks good for a seriously old dude.

  8. To get Sly Stallone arms:
    1. Wrap a tourniquet on your arm just below your shoulder (it’s OK if it goes into the armpit);
    2. Inject the arm with as many anabolic steroids as you can take without shitting your pants;
    3. Leave the tourniquet in place over a four-day weekend, masturbating furiously as often as possible;
    4. Et voila! Unwrap the arm and repeat the process as often as possible.

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