1. “I’m so over Kim, it’s not even funny. Here’s my new girlfriend. She looks exactly like Kim.”

  2. Taylor Lautner’s clone needs to rethink his choice in footwear.

  3. Ronaldo


  4. JimBB

    [whisper] “Yo bro, just gotta let you know that I think you forgot to put on your pants again.”

  5. I’m still hoping to find out some day how much (my guess is $20 million transferred to an Offshore account) the Kardashian Clan paid Humphries to agree to the timely divorce, and to not write a book about them.

  6. I bet someone said “bro” in that exchange.

  7. I don’t believe my man’s elevator reaches all the way to the top. And at 6’10″ that’s quite a lot of missing cable.

  8. “Hey bro, how’s the herpes?”

  9. Dox

    What the fuck is up with the flip flops?
    Seriously people, you make millions of dollars per year. You can fucking afford to buy grown up shoes that have laces.

  10. I’ll bet he’s marking his territory.

  11. Adam

    The other guy in the picture is totally banging one of the other Kardashians #awkward

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