1. Lemmiwinks

    The Crap We Missed… my favorite Paz dispenser.

  2. lemon

    I don’t know who she is, but she scares me.

  3. She is fast reaching the Melanie Griffith stage.

  4. Tad Bit Tipsy

    All I can think of is Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie before he hits the makeup truck.

  5. ugasean

    “This boot-face is made for walking, and that’s just what it’ll do….One of these days this boot-face is gonna walk all over you.”

  6. I was thinking more along the lines of “My-my-my-buttaface, my-my-buttaface”.

  7. tlmck

    Spaz de la Huerta.

  8. fartbucket

    Can she just change her name to Paz Huertz Ur Hed already? Seeing Mick Jagger’s face circa 1972 on top of that body… just… WTF?

  9. The Brown Streak

    Guy in background: Set phaser to kill…KILL…damn, these cheap knock-off phasers!

  10. dontlooknow

    Sandra Bernhardt?

  11. Wrong Paz! Please replace with the one from a couple of days ago!

  12. PoorMaryKelly

    Possibly Daniel Tosh on his off time?

  13. Chris

    Did somebody screw with the perspective on this photo because it looks like her feet are closer to the camera than her head…or, wait…she just has a tiny head.

  14. say what you will, I think she’s hot. In that special “it’s last call and there’s a chick who looks drunk enough to blow me in the parking lot, but not so drunk she can complain to the police when she sobers up” way.

    • I’ve tried to explain it to girls but they never get it. There’s traditional hot, but then there is not-attractive-but-clearly-dealing-with-daddy-issues-and-definitely-attainable-and-is-probably-up-for-some-really-gross-stuff hot, and men will gravitate towards the latter almost every time.

      If you get hit on, congrats, you’re a woman. If you get hit on a lot, congrats, you’re a mess.

  15. Lolli-Pop

    Looks like a burn victim. Scratch that. That’s rude to burn victims, they look better.

  16. Senor Trout

    Jennifer Garner + a touch of the Downs = Paz de la Huerta

  17. The very definition of ethereal beauty.

  18. SimoneDeB

    Again wandering the streets of New York? She does a lot of wardrobe changes for a homeless chick

  19. deeznutz

    …With a face that only a paper bag could love…

  20. juaquin ingles

    Could benefit from makeup.

  21. cc

    No underwear as usual.

    I kind of don’t care though…I mean seriously does anyone not think she’d be a dirty, uninhibited lay?

  22. Jade

    She is the most boring looking woman I ever laid my eyes on. On the bright side, it can only get better from there.

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