1. That dude looks like a cross between Al Pacino and Phil Spector. Hahaha…wait, what?

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    You wanna kiss me or heh heh ‘kiss the gun’?

  3. PoorMaryKelly

    For a second there I thought Dog Chapman got a new hairdo.

  4. Jesus. Even Phil Spector never looked that bad.

  5. fartbucket

    So THIS is why he’s always wearing that stupid headband. Fair enough Mr. Pacino, fair enough.

  6. MILF


  7. I wonder how the hell he’s going to squeeze that voice of his into Spektor’s squeeky soprano.

  8. Cruella de Ville, Cruella de Ville . . .

  9. Lolli-Pop

    Ok he is filming a film, right? Cause he was Tony Manero last week.

  10. Sherifa

    What were the Hollywood suites thinking. No one want to see a TV movie about Phil Spector. Sick, just plain sick!

  11. Sherifa

    The girl behind him has her bra straps showing. Either she doesn’t know how to buy proper underwear, or she just a sl*t.

  12. Unfortunately Michael Bolton realized too late that the hair was the source of his power all along.

  13. deeznutz

    Singer Michael Bolton finally opts for hair plugs…

  14. Damn, Granma broke into Granpa’s wardrobe again.

  15. Steelerchick


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