1. Her ass jumped the shark (into Mom butt)

  2. Those Tom Sawyer/Jethro Bodine pants are an interesting fashion statement.

  3. WTF? Is she in Witness Protection?

  4. Contusion

    She’s in the new Dexy’s Midnight Runners reunion tour.

  5. Animal

    Nice tush … not.

  6. Deacon Jones

    Sure this is Madrid?

    Because this looks like every “man” I saw walking around in Paris.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Calm down people. She’s obviously playing the role of Rumor Willis here.

  8. JennywithaY

    “Okay, so you want me to stand her and wait for Tom Cruise to come running? And you say he’ll be about this tall?”

  9. “As a matter of fact, Ms. Vega, the whole thing is exactly opposite of how Usain Bolt does it. Yes, you included.”

  10. I love Paz Vega. She was amazing in “Spanglish” Need to see a lot more of her.

  11. ugliest jeans EVER. Prepare to see them all over the fucking place soon.

  12. It’s no wonder she’s such a popular star…she’ll even help build the sets!

  13. Jason

    Ummm… WHUT?

  14. tlmck

    That is just all kinds of wrong.

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