1. it had to be said

    Sure, Katie. First time you’ve ever been bound up and stuck to a wall. We totally believe you.

  2. The Most Interesting

    “Not at all like my first pony ride…”

  3. The guy holding the rope: “I think we should institute a harness bleaching policy”.

    All others nod in agreement.

  4. Don’t worry guys, she’s got plenty of safety features…

  5. scottyfoldover

    leave her up there, for the love of God!

  6. Contusion

    Katie is not impressed.

  7. I don’t know how this chick can go rock climbing, as she hasn’t seen her feet in years.

  8. EricLr

    Pop quiz! Did she:

    a) Just get her period
    b) Just shit her pants
    c) Just have a stroke

  9. Cock Dr

    How does one climb a rock wall while lugging double D implants on the chest?
    I think they just strapped her in and winched her up for a few photographs.

  10. Animal

    Just how deep is that ridged crisp?

  11. BenDoverman

    I hope that was a fart and I hope I’m high enough to escape scrutiny.

  12. Joaquin ingles

    “No Dallas, the other way! The other way!”

  13. Mike

    This is what would happen to Charisma Carpenter if she got a plastic surgery and cocaine addiction.

  14. Jason

    She almost looks normal here.

  15. mandope

    This is as terrified as my face appears

  16. tlmck

    “I hope I am high enough that no one heard that one.”

  17. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    Ironic, considering her mouth drove Peter Andre up the wall.

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