1. I would’ve had the same reaction.

  2. EricLR

    Does he just go around to restaurants now all day putting up pictures of himself?

  3. Heywood Jablomie

    College girl art at its finest.

  4. “George W. Bush painted this just for me! I really wanted one of a cat sitting on a toilet tank, but I’ll take anything he makes.”

  5. That’s actually a pretty good painting.

  6. WTF.. is this what I look like… shit!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. One of Bob Ross’ lost masterpieces, ‘Happy Little Cuba’.

  8. He’s quite the regular on the site now.

  9. I don’t know why Cuba looks so pissed. That artwork was done by the most sober velvet airbrusher the county fair had.

  10. kravdan

    Where’s my Oscar?! Oh, right I had to sell it for food…

  11. I take that Cuba Gooding Sr. sold used cars in the forties?

  12. caley

    “Wait a minute?! I never wore that?! Did you get me confused with Don Cheadle!?”

  13. crb

    That’s not the US Flag, Cuba, and you are not at a baseball game, you broke narcissist,

    and that’s also a painting of Tracy Chapman,

    yours is on the wall at the Sitka, Alaska Bob’s Big Boy.

  14. fred

    So, do they put up portraits of all of the waiters at that restaurant? That’s cool.

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