1. “Oh her? Nah, she’s just a palette cleanser for Longoria.”

  2. That’s just how Clooney likes ‘em – nipples perky, and mouth shut.

  3. Wow….she really looks great!

  4. Somehow I don’t think Clooney is scraping up Jesse James’ sloppy seconds.

  5. me

    Ah say, I say, who let this joy kill on here?

  6. The Pope

    At this point, George yelled out “Hey, Catherine Zeta Jones and Monica Bellucci are waving us over!” because God hates the rest of us.

  7. It’s a weird world where you see these two people together, and you think, “Yea, she’s WAY to old for him.”

  8. Sandra is still fucking hot! I would.

  9. Sandy

    “F&#k, you ate onions for lunch”

  10. caley

    “Yeah, yeah, if this boat goes below 50 mph it’s gonna blow up…shut it!”

  11. Bullock is unimpressed with Clooney’s W.C. Fields impression.

  12. Ronaldo

    This guy is certainly living the life. Good for him.

  13. Clooney is famous for his Fozzy Bear impression.

  14. pffff

    - “George look at all that people waving at us.”


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