1. The Dude

    Ashton’s GAYER twin.

  2. One of these individuals is employed…
    I’ll wait while you guess which one…

  3. ‘Damn, man, just cuz I’m wearing a red vest don’t mean I’m the valet!’
    ‘C’mon, get my car and I’ll give you this bottle of grape soda?’

  4. EricLR

    I am officially declaring this a new all-time low for the once-noble blue jean.

  5. Ok, fine. White privilege is a thing. I said it.

  6. Ha, I was just wondering what happened to this dude the other day. Apparently he joined The Village People or is it Dexys Midnight Runners?

  7. The Pope

    Oh sure, if Josh Hartnett does it, it’s okay. But if Paula Deen so much as even says it…

  8. Sam

    ‘No need to introduce yourself Josh, I know who you are. Follow me and I’ll give you an application for the Bellhop position that just opened.”

  9. If your famous, a uniformed valet ESCORTS you out of the closet.

  10. The only way I can explain it is they somehow must have never met, not an awards show or an after party or rehab or wherever it is celebs meet each other, because Hartnett and Gyllenhaal belong together. Seriously, they would be so goddamn cute I’d end up with diabetes,

  11. whatever

    um, that black guy looks like someone from old racist hollywood movies

  12. I’m surprised to find that Josh Hartnett is stil
    l alive.

  13. All he needs is a Zima instead of whatever the hell he has there and he’d look like every frat boy douche from 1995.

  14. tlmck

    Who, in this day and age, walks around with their lawn jockey?

  15. “I have my sunglasses to hide from my fans and the regular glasses to make me look like an intellectual.”
    “Show me where you got those glasses because we’re getting your money back.”

  16. The only funny part of this photo is that someone actually stopped to take his picture.

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