1. catapostrophe

    Aw, man!

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Crazy thing is she’s never even heard of Coachella.

  3. The Indians called them ‘Cankles’.

  4. EricLR

    That’s a smoke signal for help if I’ve ever seen one.

  5. Denise has really been hitting the pudding.

  6. More like Lisa Bonnet, amirite?

  7. Steven Tyler is missing a pair of boots.

  8. ultra

    i think she and mischa barton have the same nutritionist.

  9. She’s still gorgeous.

  10. This is a women who owns a lot of scented candles… and cats.

  11. That’s a shame.

  12. Dick Nose

    Is she on the set of castaway 2

  13. caley

    Well, on the bright side, no one will ever make puns of her last name and the word ‘boner’ together anymore.

  14. My grandma called, wants her throw rug back.

  15. crb

    Bob Marley’s ex-wife called, she wants her enormous, ground-sweeping-oft-mistaken-for-a-puli-or-komondor-crotch-dreads back.

    If Usps service is unavailable, she also specified sneaking them in under Erykah Badu’s brain-donut also acceptible.

  16. I wanted to see the face. I hear she was a mayor pain in the ass on the “Cosby Show”set

  17. She don’t care what y’all have to say, she bangs Khal Drogo every night.

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