1. The Dude

    Did he leave poor Johnny Five at home?

  2. Is it considered child abuse when you make your child help you get ready for your date with John Hamm?
    You know, for science…

  3. good kid, picking the cheerleaders’ pubes out of her dad’s teeth so there’s no b.s. from mom when they get home.

  4. Vlad

    Fisting…you’re doing it wrong

  5. That’s how her mom pretend feeds her so she doesn’t get fat.

  6. Bite it like Beckham!

  7. Tom Hanks’ giant head does not approve…

  8. LOL. Kids love the “I’m going to eat your hand!” game, and I’ll never understand why they think the prospect of being cannibalized is hysterically funny.

  9. Janice

    “But Daddy, this is what Mommy does after she eats.”

  10. “Do I LOOK like a Silverstone??”

  11. “Are you going to run to the bathroom now like mommy does Daddy?”

  12. Michael Keaton is not impressed.

  13. caley

    “Yeah, yeah, if this boat goes below 50 mph it’s gonna blow up…shut it!”

  14. bernard

    most creative Miley variation

  15. I’m thinking your baby back ribs are a bit under cooked.

  16. rospo

    gold digger.

  17. “Just like you and Uncle Tommy, daddy!”

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