1. As the swift wave pulled her towards the deep sea, she planted her nipples firmly into the ground, an anchor that not even Hurricane Katrina could break.

  2. The tide needs to go ahead and sweep this filly on out. With some luck and a generous trade wind she’ll drift into Kowloon Bay just in time for the Lantern Festival.

  3. JimBB

    I can actually smell rotting fish through the photo.

  4. at least her gross brown nipples are covered…but you still know they’re there.

  5. Ha! I knew it. The nipples have gone solo.

  6. …because these are still photos, she’s slowly winning me over.

  7. Love you Bai Ring!

  8. Turns out she’s been hiding a pretty nice body behind her horrornipples and the howling madness in her eyes.

  9. Oh god! I knew that flotsam from Fukushima would be washing up on ours shores.
    But I didn’t expect this, never this.

  10. She’s always had a sexy little body. Crazy as catshit, but sexy as hell. It’s funny how often those two things come in the same package.

  11. I kept throwing her into the ocean, but the ocean kept throwing her back.

  12. She would fuck any of us silly.

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