1. I regret pausing the VCR and jacking off.

  2. “And here’s your unicorn blood, ma’am.”

  3. All hot women eventually gets old… except for Raquel Welch… and Christie Brinkley… or Elle MacPherson, who’s only 6 years younger than Stone…

    • A lot can happen to Elle in 6 years. On the other hand, Christie Brinkley feeds off the tortured souls of her ex-husbands after she has discarded their carcasses, and Raquel Welch is clearly not human.

  4. So Bruce Jenner decided to go blonde? How brave…

  5. JimBB

    Worst Ensure ad ever.

  6. She looks like Sharon Stone’s mom..

  7. bayouscrubs

    The irony here is that she is starting to look like Michael Douglass.

  8. Drinking pureed baby.

  9. “your virgins blood smoothie is ready when you finish your stem cell machiatto Ms Stone”

  10. Dox

    “You sure this gets rid of turkey neck?”

  11. So she’s transforming into Madonna? Soon there will be two battling for the souls.

  12. She should grow her hair out. Long hair is sexy on an older woman! I decided.

  13. Donkey

    I don’t think she looks good with short hair, but this is really a bad photo. She’s only in her 50′s, and this picture makes her look 85 years old.

  14. Translated from Korean:

    “At least she’s not wearing a skirt this time…”

  15. glam

    Seriously, legit thought this was Sir Paul McCartney before I read the heading.

  16. “Horse semen is only available at fine nail salons featuring celebrity gossip magazines, Ms. Stone… c’mon, don’t be a pussy… chug that shit!”

  17. Talk about hitting a wall.

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