1. Checking his texts to see if he is in the next Expendables film.

  2. j/k

    Just checking Grindr for possible upgrades.

  3. “Ah…Angry Birds…I love you.”

  4. What a marvelous modern age we live in, where you can get gay porn on your phone.

  5. Hmm

    “Dammit Joey Lawrence, where the hell are you, I told you to meet me here at 1pm”

  6. “Joe Jonas in Los Angeles once again not being photographed with a female.”

  7. “Waitaminit, Grindr says I have a match… at this table!”

  8. Here we see Joe Jonas negotiating yet one more public cocksucking.

  9. “Someone sent me another dick pick.”
    “Let me see! Let me see!”

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