1. She never saw a pair of pants she didn’t want to wear.

  2. Cock Dr

    She forgot to tuck. The truth is finally out.

  3. Michael

    Looks like Mila Kunis a little.

  4. Ralph

    Strange, very strange.

  5. jep

    Damn… shave that thing please. Or at least trim it up.

  6. Marketing Mike

    Jeez, she’s not even trying to hide the dick anymore.

  7. Chaz

    The shirt, although not cryptic, is a simple clue revealing the condition of her missing pants.

  8. JimBB

    Just when you thought Skid Row couldn’t sink any lower.

  9. Bumblebee Tuna. Bumblebee Tuna. Your balls are showing.

  10. buzz

    Only fucking popstars will toss a shirt on and nothing else and start walking around through the airport.

  11. Flatliner

    Looks like GaGa is packing a sea urchin. Makes sense as I hear they taste like shit.

    • Sea urchin is fucking disgusting. I’ve got a stomach like a cast-iron pot, but I ordered the uni once, like 15 years ago, at a sushi place and I nearly puked in the river with the tiny wooden boats. My eyes were watering, I was gagging… it was everything I could do to not heave it back up. Goddamn, it was foul.

      So, yeah, kinda like Gaga’s snatch.

  12. Two nutsack days in a row? WTF Fish? I thought you loved us.

  13. …she’s not gonna let some old dude on a nude beach upstage her.

  14. Sebastian Bach: “Fuck”

  15. As long as she’s not dressed like a fucking clown, I think she’s pretty sexy.

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