1. I bet she’s made Tom Terrific wear that bra and shoe combo at least once.

  2. Chaz

    Awww how sweet. She’s carrying Tom’s shoulder pads.

  3. For the Bruce Jenner in you…

  4. Dude, I hate this model so much. She got the face of a goddamn boy! Can’t believe she got this far with modeling!

  5. Robb7

    She is one ugly dude with good hair.

  6. I guess she’s all done breastfeeding now.

  7. What a novel idea a lingerie show where the lingerie isn’t just on a model.

  8. MoreMariaNow!!

    She has a nice body, but her face is meh!!

  9. I’d be a Gisele Bundchen inmate. Oh, wait a sec… never mind.

  10. Yeah but that body……….

  11. A horse is a horse, of course, of course…

  12. “Remember, when you buy intimate apparel, tell them…uh *looks at wall* Gisele Bundchen sent you.”

  13. “And this, ladies and gentlemen, is something from our new Bruce Jenner line of lingerie…”

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