1. Two and a Half Men

  2. Even Larry the Cable Guy is looking at this with dissappointment.

  3. Zohan

    This fat fuck. Such an obnoxious douche!

  4. JimBB

    Wow, the one of the left could almost pass for a real woman.

  5. Mike

    I guess it’s Summer’s Eve time for those showgirls.

  6. He left with the one with the penis.

  7. ah, the bright lights and big city…Baltimore, where the magic happens. Assuming you like your magic interspersed with corner drug sales and Bronze Medal placing in the murder olympics.

    • Gigi

      McFreely, hon, weez got some of the best Horse on the East Coast.
      And with the exception of that shoot out at the crab house last year, the only people gittin’ killed are people eeder out on bail, or with crim’nal records.

  8. …i really wanna put a depilatory in his shampoo & face soap.

  9. After looking at this picture, I’ve decided that I’m okay if my daughter becomes a stripper when she grows up. Anything, and I mean anything, has got to be better than being a douchebag TV chef.

  10. goodwolfe21

    …be careful Guy, those girls might have vaginas!…uhh..well, maybe one of them does anyway….

  11. I swear I thought Phyllis Diller was dead

  12. Father Dougal

    A tranny and Farrah Abraham walk into a bar. I can’t remember the rest of the joke, but Guy Fieri sucks.

  13. At what point after this picture was taken did his boyfriend run in and start smacking him?

  14. Anita Berber's Addictions

    Three people, no penises, but one dick in the middle

  15. “Welcome back to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dicks!”

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