1. Even the water looks Photoshop’d.

  2. jep

    Please, just go away. Please.

  3. If you look closely you can see the entire U.S. Naval Fleet right behind her.

  4. She’s does all her bikini shoots in the water for practical reasons. It keeps the black guys from mobbing her until she’s done.

  5. That’s fucking deformed.

  6. On a normal woman, nipples aren’t at 3 and 9 o’clock…and the ass isn’t wider than the shoulders…and the waist isn’t…you know what, this could take all day. I’ll come back after I take a dump.

  7. Her norgs look like soccer balls.

  8. ugh. explains why the tide went out so fast.

  9. I would rather rub fresh dog shit in my eyes then ever have to see this desecration of the female form again. Fuck.


  10. Fuck all you haters. Coco is perfect. Her body is magnificent. If I had one wish before I died, I’d wish to have Coco to myself for one day to with whatever I want to.

    I’d die a happy man.

  11. That’s not even remotely attractive, but I’d let her give me head.

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