1. Richard McBeef

    she might have been alright 25 years ago, but she would be first in line for the scarlacc today.

  2. I want the sperm back that I spent on Princess Lea in a bikini

  3. dotmatrix

    When does the Jenny Craig thing start to kick in?

  4. Amber

    OMG, I thought it was Roseanne Barr!

  5. Rusty

    is that ozzy in the background?

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    Obviously a mirror malfunction.

  7. Venom

    Pretty sure that is Roseanne.
    You paid for the wrong photos buddy.

  8. Ismoss

    I thought going at the speed of light was suppose to slow down time? Fucking Einstein.

  9. Cock Dr

    I will never dis the princess.

  10. bbiowa

    That crazy bitch has been through enough. And damn, has she dropped some pounds.

  11. Those were not the pants you’re looking for.

  12. holymoly

    nice to see harrison ford travels with her as well.

  13. fandy

    She has had more men fantasize about her than any other Star Wars Princess, I bet your dad squeezed-em-off to her

  14. Minky Wail

    Help me Dr Rey, you’re my only hope.

  15. tlmck

    Why on earth would she want to look like Billie Jean King?

  16. brit

    This is what a MILF is NOT meant to look like

  17. Her looks have totally gone to hell, but she is a very funny, very intelligent woman…If you get to watch her HBO special, do it. She’s a real kick in the ass.

    Damn. She sure was hot back in the day.

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