1. neo

    u had to fuckk up yur face u dumb bitch. u used ta be fine. now you loook like every other ugly botoxed whore here in mexico/LA

  2. it’s amazing what one minute in the sun can do .

  3. This tanning bed goes up to 11.

  4. What the hell is she wearing? She looks like one of Shatner’s love interests in an original Star Trek episode.

  5. Amber

    Is that a bald spot?!

  6. MrsWrong

    Proof that Marilyn Manson sucks your soul

  7. DeucePickle

    Has she been doing aerobics in 1985 ?

  8. fandy

    Thats where my tablecloth went!! I want it back Rose ( well without your stank onit)

  9. Her belt looks delicious.

  10. This was the last picture of her before the truck she was tied to the back of took off.

  11. dali

    i thought this was angelina jolie for a moment.

  12. The Brown Streak

    It’s been 30 some odd years…you’d think her umbilical cord would have fallen off by now…

  13. andreabeth

    For a second I thought that Janis Dickinson had lightened her hair color.

  14. What a shame! Even though she has magnificent flesh orbs her face is so fucked up she’s not worth looking at anymore.

  15. Lawlyall

    Jesus Christ yall put the wombat back in it’s cage. Bobby it’s not funny dressing that thing up like that now.

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