1. SIN

    No thanks. We don’t want to fuck a Kim Kardashian imposter.

  2. lily

    her dress should be a foot longer…no one wants to see those thunder cottage cheese thighs

  3. Dupa

    “HA HA, No Thanks… I’m gay.”

  4. adcomp

    is that Jennifer from Basketball Wives?

  5. meeps!

    “Nothing to see here.”

    Seriously, nothing to see here…

  6. “Begone dark woman.”

  7. Crissy

    “Nigga, please!…” Woman talking here.

  8. it had to be said

    “Sorry, I don’t have a spare diaper.”

  9. drunkenhating

    lol plaid shirt is pushing her away

  10. jimbo

    white Boy can’t have this

  11. arnieblackblack

    This ginger cunt was never, ever funny. But on the street in this photo everyone’s lol’ing. Fake, I say, fake dammit!!!

  12. “Would someone get these hos up off me?”

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