1. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Pictured above – the man left severely traumatised after the annual Running of the Pudgy Women in New York

  2. I’m guessing the guy to his right is the “top”.

  3. Bigalkie

    Penn Badgley leads an Anti-Bullying March .. This guy is EFFEMINATE

  4. tlmck

    Name the show with the lowest wardrobe budget.

  5. EricLr

    He looks like the physical embodiment of a cloistered old rich gay dude’s concept of a “street tough.”

  6. The Pope

    “Do you see the flood? I don’t see the flood. Let’s look around.”

  7. Jman

    Wow, dude in blue shirt has bigger bi’s than his head. Suhweeeet!

  8. kimmykimkim

    Yep, still want to kill him. Just for fun.

  9. Sunny

    having your sideburns cut into the shape of your balls takes peacocking to a whole new level

  10. He’d better hurry or he’s going to miss the street fight between the Jets and the Sharks.

  11. the crazy betty

    what a strange cartoon head.

  12. drunkenhating

    just look at him from the knees down, the rolled up pants, the shoes…i can’t even. you just know he is the biggest pansy on the planet, dan humphrey i thought your hair on gg was bad this just makes me want to shoot you with a nerf gun so i can laugh when you bawl like a little girl.

  13. Billebuoy

    Sure does have a real cute following!

  14. He cut his unruly hair and still looks like a hobo!

    Sorry, i did not mean to offend the hobos of the world.

  15. Why is that Hobbit wearing Elf shoes?

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