1. JC

    Out of frame: Alanis waits like a baby bird for some of Alicia’s magical, pre-chewed food.

  2. Turd Ferguson


  3. lily

    my god, what happened to cher?!?!

  4. Joe

    Terminator model T-700 was easily detected by humans due to it’s synthetic, rubbery skin.

  5. Oldnslo

    I tried out for the part of the Alien in Resurrection by doing this!

  6. Unfortunately, the front row failed to recognize the clear sign that they were about to be fed.

  7. SexJihaad9/11

    Skewed gum to teeth ratio.

  8. Whoopi

    -” ewwwwww! Double dipping is gross!”

  9. Between this and the feeding thing I believe it’s time for a Three Wolf Moon shirt: Silverstone edition.

  10. DeucePickle

    Now what, Brooke Shields ?

  11. Time to re-glue those top dentures grandma!

  12. Double D

    When you look int the Ark of the Covenant, shit like this happens.

  13. Inner Retard

    The Superficial needs better firewall. Obviously, George Lucas just won’t stop inserting Jabba the Hutt into anything, anywhere.

  14. EricLr

    Hypothetical. I’m at a Hollywood PTA meeting. Do I:

    a) Bang Alicia Silverstone
    b) Bang January Jones
    c) Bang Sarah Jessica Parker
    d) Do a Tony Scott off the Vincent Thomas Bridge into the sweet release of death

    I know it’s a tough question, but think on it.

    • Emma Watson's Vagina

      since me and Alicia have similar spiritual beliefs it would be A.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      D while doing A or B.

      I’d go with A, mainly for nostalgia. B is cold bitch and I’m not feeling it.

      Every multiple choice question has that gimme that’s just sooo off the fucking wall nobody could even imagine it’s the right answer. In this case that’s C.

  15. It’s your move Katie Couric.

  16. ty


  17. rican

    So, what does Sarah Jessica Parker look like when she neighs?

  18. Little Tongue

    Man! She used to be sooooo hot!

  19. SOON

    you’re all doomed, muahaha.

  20. a short haired girl

    Quick, get out the way! Her lasers are charging and she’s about to unhinge her jaw!

  21. Quijibo

    Looks like she’s mocking Alanis.

  22. EEEEEK!! Scairt me!

  23. journalschism

    Alicia and Alanis. Together, secretly hatching a plot to plunge the world into a perpetual state of 1995.

  24. puddleduck

    this reminds me of a window shade that won’t pull down in my old bathroom

  25. Emma Watson's Vagina

    she better be careful. as one day a house from Kamsas will fall on her.

  26. SSHGuru

    She actually was Terminator model 1 which was mothballed because the gums were too unrealistic to pass for a human.

  27. the crazy betty

    so this is what marilyn manson looks like without his makeup…

  28. She caught MollyShannonFace. It’s terminal. For your career.

  29. Billebuoy

    Looks like the vegan diet is treatin her teeth and gums quite well.

  30. Blech


    Fuck, I still remember her in Clueless, and The Crush…

  31. I had no idea this was her in the thumbnail. Like, no idea.

  32. Mateo

    Man look at those gums.

  33. MoNikita



  35. JK

    That’s her feeding the baby face.

  36. They had her play Batgirl, but from this pic I say she would’ve made a much more effective Joker.

  37. Loe


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