1. SOB


  2. Deacon Jones

    I’m finally BACK!
    I can post on the website again, and th—-oh, it’s Rita Rusic, Im fucking out of here ;-)

  3. look, Pa! no pubes!

  4. Oldnslo

    Again–would do. Of this I am certain: she knows… stuff.

  5. jones

    she doesn’t look too bad from this angle

  6. USDA Prime McBeef

    Can you please change the caption to say random mom like woman at the beach? I think if I really really try, I can jerk off to this.

  7. Gin&Tonic

    so since nobody seems to have any idea who this woman is I’ll propose a question to try and get the conversation going: real boobs or fake? on one hand they’re staying round when she’s laying down (indicating fake) but on the other there’s some side fall-age going on suggesting real.

    • Cock Dr

      Those are about as genuine as the “meat” you get in a McDonalds hamburger.

    • The more you know...

      Rita Rusic is a 52 year old Croatian, but ethnically Italian, singer, actress, and producer. She released a book in 2008 titled “Jet Sex Diario erotico sentimentale”, and in 2010 appeared in several episodes of the Italian “Dancing With the Stars” as a replacement for Fabio Canino.

      Source: Wikipedia

    • hamtime

      It’s the viscoelastic effects of plastic in the sun. It starts to run at a noticeable rate when it gets too hot – hence the lateral distribution of the breasts in this image.

    • drunkenhating

      ask me if i care. next photo

  8. Fish, please tell me you don’t pay for pics of this person. Please.

  9. Inner Retard

    Spray on Cum. Now with new handle for a more natural feel.

  10. Dugger

    It sprays the lotion upon its body

  11. your mom

    She should always be photographed from this angle. It’s actually flattering. kinda.

  12. Sunny

    I wonder what radio station she set her vagina to

  13. You crack me up, PB.

  14. contusion

    She must have a bathing suit-making machine in her room.

  15. arnieblackblack

    No idea who the fuck she is. googles it. hopes it’s spraying self with mace

  16. HollywoodOutsider

    That’s one long-ass tampon string.

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