1. Little Tongue

    Those titties are sagging quite low. He needs implants. Stat.

  2. You ever stick 4 toothpicks onto a meatball?
    You’re welcome…

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “No time to talk, ladies. I’m having lunch with Shia LaBeouf so we can talk about serious actors we are now.”

  4. broduhjenner

    I would recommend staying away from nautical themed clothing, Jonah.

  5. Vlad

    That’s right bitches, stare at my nipples…I’m just like my close, personal friend, Jennifer Aniston.

  6. He’s just making it too easy these days.

  7. Just out of shot a Japanese whaling ship is tearing up the street, harpoons at the ready.

  8. SupaDupa

    When he needs to stop walking he just drops that anchor…

  9. I didnt know it was physically possible for a man’s nipples to be equilateral to his elbows

  10. Jason

    Is it that heavy anchor that is weighing those man tits down or is it that he’s just fat?

  11. so, he’s a licensed tug boat now?

  12. Kel

    Come on guys, you’d be sagging too if you just spent months in a poverty stricken country breastfeeding newborn orphans from your very own teat.

  13. Nice baboon tits!

  14. ♪Well you can tell by the way I use my walk
    I’m a doughnut man
    No time to talk♪

  15. Some may call it exploitative, but I think paying the homeless to wear wireless hot spot t-shirts is a benefit to everybody.

  16. EricLR

    “I’ve been studying Stanislavsky and Boleslavsky in preparation for my next role, and, of course talking a lot with Scorsese about the part.”

    “Really? What’s the part?”

    “I’m playing the anchor in Battleship 2.”

  17. Imagine this pic with no shirt. Or pants. Those of you On a diet can thank me later.

  18. CrashHell

    Guys, can we just have a pure Jonah “Crap We’ve Missed” marathon? These pics inspire some of the funniest smarkiest shit I’ve ever read. Nobody on this site gets anywhere near as creative and funny as when these pics are posted. When all is lost, please Photo Boy, make it happen.

  19. CK

    “Anchor” is about the only thing the Navy would want you for.

    (And yes I do know that fat FLOATS. It’s a joke!)

  20. If this is Jonah, what size was the whale?

  21. Codot

    Old Gravy

  22. This dude has the worst body in the world.

  23. We’re gonna’ need a bigger anchor.

  24. Sounds like two balloons rubbing together when he walks.

  25. “Oh, cuffed jeans? Of course. You probably haven’t heard of it yet. Yeez…oh, I didn’t mean to confuse you, that’s Kanye West was raving on and on about the feeling you get from a cuffed jean when I was in the delivery room while Kim was giving birth. He asked me to stay and cut the cord but I had, HAD to make it to St. Barts for Denzel and Vin Diesel’s joint birthday party. It was weird being the guest of honor at both parties, but I’m an actor; That’s what we do *curtsies*. Anyway, somebody called Vin the N word and no one knew if he should be offended or not so I caught a ride back to L.A. with Jack Nicholson on LAKERS 1. That old chestnut. So, how have you been?”

  26. Slim

    MnmmmmBoy you’re fat.

  27. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    All any potential director needs now is to find another *big* star to play opposite him, as Captain Ahab.

  28. That shirt just writes its own material. WTF was he thinking?

  29. I didn’t realize there was a market for shirts that tell the world how much you weigh.

  30. Paully Boston Baby!

    Everyone here is missing the real scoop: Jonah is getting fat again! That means he will be funny again!!!

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