1. Vlad

    Always wondered what happened to Zero from the movie Holes

  2. Dude isn’t a boy or a billionaire.

  3. I dress better than that to go fishing.

  4. You get dressed for fishing? Huh. To each their own, I guess…

  5. Wearing boots without socks is like wearing gel padding without the bra.

  6. Glad to know my dad started the latest in hip-hop fashion trends.

  7. Starts clothing line called Billionaire Boys Club, wasn’t a billionaire back then, still is not.

  8. anonymous

    I see guys dressed like this in San Francisco pushing shopping carts full of their worldly goods and panhandling.

    Didn’t know they were all billionaire boys.

  9. “I’m sorry, sir, the Billionaires’ Rent Boys Club doesn’t meet until next week.”

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