1. broduhjenner

    Dannng. That chocolate statute Mario was posing with last week sure is violent.

  2. Y’all me me thick….

  3. Vlad

    Tyson eating his Earerios for breakfast

  4. 10 to 1 Mario had a boner when that photo was taken

  5. Batu Khan

    Secretly Lopez must be shitting his pants.

  6. catapostrophe

    That photographer ought to be ashamed of himself, taking a picture of a gay-bashing in progress when he could have tried to stop it.

  7. I suppose next we’ll see Mario with OJ Simpson and he’ll be pretending to stab Mario and everyone will just be laughing and laughing.

  8. Ha ha ha…Silly cannibal, twinks are for dicks.

  9. “Ok, that was perfect. Now re-enact the time you raped that girl”.

  10. Where's Dildo

    “Mmmm, Mawio Lopeth, you tasthe like gay tacosth.”

  11. How do you tell THAT that his elbows are ashy and he could use some moisturizer?

  12. “So Mike, what’s it like to know that your career peaked in the mid 90′s?”

    “You tell me, Ay Thee Thlater.”

  13. Later, when Mario’s body washed up on the shore, it was no longer smiling.

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