1. “Hey little buddy! Would you like an acting role on X-men – Days spent passed out in my basement?”

  2. Boldly going *pick-up nubile male stranges with Cap Picard in the backseat* where no man has gone before…

  3. Swearin

    I always had my suspicions there was a drive-thru brothel in West Hollywood that would let you order twinks like a Happy Meal

  4. Art Crow

    “Chuck E. Cheese’s!”

  5. “Hey good looking (boy)…We’ll be back to pick you up later!”

  6. …this is disturbing …i really like patrick.

    • It’s disturbing to me also, because he was recently outed by another actor as being gay.


      • leo

        Yeah No. Being an English Theatre Actor is like being a pastry chef in Chelsea. If Sir Patrick were gay …he’d be gay. The Guardian’s ‘outing’ was just a mistake.

      • …patrick’s not gay …and even if he were, i would’nt give two shits …i’m just chagrined by the company he keeps..

      • Oh, LOOK! John Travolta must have gotten that written apology from The Superficial! You know, the one he insisted he would have to receive before he would ever darken this website’s door again!

  7. “Welcome to the Panda Express, how may I help you?”
    “Can I have the cream of sum young guy?”

  8. Hmm

    This is not making me happy at all, this is very unsettling.

  9. >…and my respect for Stewart begins a slow downward spiral.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      Slow? Try instant. I’m a believer in the notion of Like Attracts Like. If you’re willingly in the company of the likes of this POS, it’s not saying much about you.

  10. Do you know how much money Picard made, thanks to Bryan? Hell, if he made me that rich, I’d go to Hawaii with him!

    He did WHAT in Hawaii? Uh, waitaminute….

  11. Isn’t Patrick a little old for Brian Singer?

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