1. Even the Hedgehog would not touch that…. And that’s saying something.

  2. it had to be said

    Hedgehog’s done worse.

  3. I was hoping “Jersey Shore Massacre” was a movie about the cast of the “Jersey Shore” being hunted and brutally slaughtered by incestuous cannibals.

  4. Don’t do it, Ron, have some self respect!

  5. “I heard you porn stars will fuck anything!”
    “Don’t worry sweetheart. You are the exception.”

  6. Eejut

    He’s still trying to figure out the”wow” part.

  7. anonym

    Face down, ass up, solves the problem

  8. Bloated Penis Meet Bloated Face

  9. JWoww: “I totally got plastic surgery to look more like you!”
    HedgeHog: “Yeah, I can kind of see it.”

  10. …he’s baffled at how good seka looks.

  11. yourmom

    Come on bitch, you know you would…

  12. spikedtounge

    Oh, no sweetie. You’re gonna have to open your mouth a lot wider than that!

  13. Miley Cyrusis aslut

    @Topher, Obviously you have never seen the Hedgehog’s partners in the series of Crack Ho videos he made…JWwow looks like a Penthouse Pet in her prime compared to those chicks. They were so repulsive, people refused to touch the boxes they were pictured on without surgical gloves for fear of catching something from them.

    • Anita Berber's Addictions

      I refused to touch the Christmas ornaments (!) in the shape of the “Jersey Whores” cast for the same reason. Oddly, the one of her looked more lifelike than she did, and does now.

  14. Flatliner

    Did anyone ever imagine the day when Ron Jeremy would look better than JWoof?

  15. A match made in heaven.

  16. Marketing Mike

    Honest, they look like brother and sister.

  17. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Said one travesty to another: “WTF?”

  18. MakingMePuke

    “I would rather suck my own dick than fuck you.”

  19. Wait… which one was Ron Jeremy again?

  20. “What? Ron, there is no way can you get your whole arm up my ass through the yoga pants and without lu-uuubbnnghh! gngh!….ergh! oooohhhh…. hmmmm… do I feel a Rolex?”

  21. Ole Ronny looks good in black and white…

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