1. “And this one time, at rehab…”
    Stories by Kelly Osbourne.

  2. You know, I’m quite fine with more women trying to pull the Storm-from-the-80s-Mohawk look. Way more interesting that some chick dying her hair blonde.

  3. “I used t be fat, then I got kinda skinny, now I’m kinda fat again.” Kelly Osbourne’s story.

  4. Swearin

    Stories, huh? I bet a lot of them were how bad Ozzy and Sharon were at parenting

  5. The Girl with the dumb-ass Tattoo.

  6. Cock Dr

    It takes a lot of work to look this outlandishly weird & bad, many hours of toil in front of the mirror.

  7. And yet, some guy dislikes hie penis so much that he’d put it in her repeatedly…

  8. I’m confused. Is this just plain Trunks, or is it Future Trunks?

  9. I think this style can be very sexy. It’s not on her, but it can be.

  10. Now she even looks more like a boy…

  11. I’m guessing all her clothing line are Spandex.

  12. Facts

    What happened? She’s fat again. [sigh!]

    Guess you can’t shake the Osbourne family genes.

  13. Hmm

    Why won’t this fat, vulgar loudmouth just go away?

  14. Ozzy's Bellend

    She’s gross and might dethrone that Lohan whore for the worlds most unattractive/ugliest smile on a female ever!

  15. “Just hold still, Kelly…damn, this will make the best Pontiac hood ornament ever…”

  16. Oh Mamma

    Who would buy her crap. You can get that pixie girl shit at a lot cheaper place. It’s called “Goodwill”.

  17. I would do her so hard

  18. Takin ugly to new levels…

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