1. SSHGuru

    When you wear a dolphin skin swimsuit don’t be surprised to see them all swimming away as fast as they can.

  2. TomFrank

    “The Titans win! Yay!”

  3. just here for laughs

    “Ooooh that tickles!”

  4. Dolphins love the smell of dead fish.

  5. hbw

    This must be that dolphin-safe tuna I keep hearing about.

    • MrsWrong

      Now maybe Adrian Grenier can stop doing those goddamn commercials…brink of extinction my ass…I count 48 including the little one on the boat

  6. Richard McBeef

    don’t know what the fuck conde means, but I know what nast is when i see it.

  7. Those poor dolphin SMELL fish…but just can’t find them!

  8. PoorMaryKelly

    I can’t tell if she’s making them hungry or horny.

  9. She’s chumming for the big ones.

  10. GuyLeDouche

    I play football…hey, so do I…me too..and me…hey chick, we’re the REAL Miami Dolphins…yeah, c’mon in, we promise we won’t rape you, yeah, my buddy knows a guy who’s married to Morgan Fairchild….

  11. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Dear Mom,
    Today they said I’m the smartest one in the whole school !
    Love Hayden

    • bXc

      Seeing as Dolphins are not fish they do not live in “schools”… They live in pods… If you’re gonna make dumb jokes you might want to know what you’re talking about first…

  12. JC

    Looks like a whole lotta lunch swimming around out there…

  13. temp

    No idea why people are being mean, because I think she looks great in this photo.

  14. ♫ They call her Flipper, Flipper… ♫

  15. “Haha! Yeah, they do kind of remind me of my ex’s sperm!”

  16. Someone should have greased the railing.

  17. Grand Dragon

    This was shot in a bathtub on toy boat with some minnows

  18. We’ve switched Hayden Panettiere’s pod of dolphins with Great White sharks, let’s see if she notices the difference.

  19. Koko

    I’m suprised by the comments. I think this is a great picture!

    • Ugh

      Don’t worry– it’s more of an insult game than any real reaction to the photo. She looks great here (and normally does). As if these commenters were on a boat with her, they wouldn’t stare creepily at her.

  20. brian

    she sure must love them dolphins

  21. Doc Schweinstrudel

    wow this picture uplifts mood so much!!! THANK YOU XXXOXOXOXX!!

  22. It’s kind of redundant to have that many blowholes in one photograph.

  23. Audrey Jo



    Hayden warned the dolphins about the fishermen, saying “KE KEKEKE KEKE!”

  25. me

    y’all can say what you want, but that is a really cool pic.

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