1. baron of all media

    still hot.

  2. Deacon Jones

    oh hell yeah

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Dennis Rodman hit that… repeatedly. I’ll pass.

    • Yea

      She’s still hot though. No normal man will ever satisfy her now that Rodman hollowed her vag out with his monster cock-so she’s ruined…but still hot.

    • Fletch

      Yeah, I’d pass on this one also. She’s kinda hot in the dime street whore kinda way.

  4. She’s 39 years old…THIS is what a chick who looks REALLY good for her age looks like. She’s hot without needing an age qualifier.

  5. PoorMaryKelly

    She must have a pact with the devil to still look that good after all the nasty ass scum she’s been with.

  6. huh

    so……… 39 is old to you guys…………….. right………

  7. I love me some Carmen Electra. She was always pornstar hot, but has a quite a pretty face too, so she never seemed that slutty to me.

  8. DoubleJ

    Why is she talking about sending my father back from the future to save her?

  9. GuyLeDouche

    An Electra Margarita: give her a glass of tequila, and she’ll squeeze them while you lick. It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere around Carmen,

  10. HiveMonster

    It’s Womb Raider!!!

  11. I see why John Connor’s dad came back in time to protect this.

  12. Venom

    Still good, still very damn good.
    She has to be a robot.

  13. Dan

    So did she really do porn once? Can’t find anything about it on wikipedia.

  14. terry

    Motherfucker what!
    I’d tear that shit up right now! DAAAAYUM!!!!
    And you know that dumb bitch is liberal so she’d fuck anybody.

  15. Hotnaaahh

    39 and she’s hot? she’s got aviator glasses on that cover up half her face, implants, and pillsbury legs…PASS

  16. Mike

    I see she went with the adamantium nipples during the last upgrade. It takes a lot more than a bra and a tank top to keep those babies contained, those things can ctu through metal.

  17. “Perky” doesn’t begin to describe those nipples. They’re downright ecstatic.

  18. villenuv27

    She is still hot, but if I remember Pam Anderson went from an A to a D- pretty quickly. Hopefully Carmen is still a couple strands of hepatitis and three more failed marriages short of full blown “was” hot mode.

  19. Kitty

    LOVE HER!!!!!

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